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I am now a 36 year old widow. Not sure how much things can change or how much they can change but let me tell you it can happen in the blink of an eye. The rug has been pulled from under me and I am struggling to pick myself and my kids up. I feel like sometimes, we have to be ready for when our plans and God's plans change what we think is going to happen. I am hopeful that our family's future includes Mark, my beloved husband, as much as we can.


Chris is 12! Brooklyn is 7! Preston is 6! and Kyler is 2!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Challenge #2

This week's challenge is to write about someone who inspires you.  I have found some of the biggest and smallest people inspiring.  Lately, not much has inspired me because I feel so down about our situation off and on.  I mean I realize we are better off than some, we have a roof over our heads and food in our tummies.  But thinking of inspiration and who inspires me I would have to say today that would be my mom.  She is always doing what is right and what needs to be done, not always with support.  She has helped with my kids while I was working, and when I have needed it off and on.  My sister passed away and she has her children, raising them.  She takes my nephews on a regular basis, and she is always good to them no matter how she is feeling.  She also works at Home Depot and dis a scout leader, she still manages to cook and clean and make sure all in her charges are taken care of.  She is not ever lacking in the patience department.  This inspires me, makes me want to do better with my home, kids, spouse etc.  So to my mom, my inspiration I would like to say thank you being such a wonderful example to me.  I love you......


char_char said...

Great post Leandra. I've so been in your situation and it's nice to know that you're not the only one, kwim? Sometimes it's nice just to have someone say the right thing or do the right thing to help you get back on track. Hang in there!

Leandra Howry said...

Yeah it is nice to know that we are not the only ones. I do know that we are blessed....just wish something would break soon as far as work goes. I have really been enjoying my time at home too.

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