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I am now a 36 year old widow. Not sure how much things can change or how much they can change but let me tell you it can happen in the blink of an eye. The rug has been pulled from under me and I am struggling to pick myself and my kids up. I feel like sometimes, we have to be ready for when our plans and God's plans change what we think is going to happen. I am hopeful that our family's future includes Mark, my beloved husband, as much as we can.


Chris is 12! Brooklyn is 7! Preston is 6! and Kyler is 2!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy kids!

So the kids and Sammie were playing with markers and drawing pictures. I was teasing them and asked who wanted a mustache? Well they all did LOL. It went from there, they wanted a harry potter scar and "blood". I took some pictures because they thought they were super scary LOL. So here they are in all of their glory!

Monday, September 21, 2009

New pictures! And boys birthday party!

We had the boys party a bit early this year but it was nice. They made out like little bandits. Preston turned 2 on Sunday, he is sure onery lately. Kind of reminds me of his dad LOL. It is going to be winter here before we know it I think, it is sooo cold. Thursday Chris will be 8! It is hard to believe, Brooklyn feels so left out because her birthday is not until January. It is hard to tell a 3 year old why that is! Anyway here are some new pictures, hope you like them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Life is truely too short.....

Today my best friend called me and told me her father had passed away. I know it is a normal part of life. We are born to die, but we always wonder why and how come so soon. I know these are questions our lord can only answer. I am sitting here wondering what kind of comfort I can offer here and I am dumbfounded, I feel like I need to do something for her......anything. I just went through a death last week and it always just throws me for a loop. I am hoping and praying she can make it through this tough time.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Been crazy!

The last week of August was crazy for us. We got word that my grandma was sick and probably not going to make it. So we went to see her on the 23rd and that was very hard to see her like that, but I needed to do it. We told her it was okay to go home. She could hardly talk or move, she had another stroke. She ended up going home August 25th around noon. And we are all sad and yet happy for her at the same time. She looked amazing at her funeral. I helped my mom, sisters, cousins and unlce sing a song for her called "going home" and amazingly it helped me be at peace. She was buried on August 29th a day before my 32nd birthday. We had a party here afterward which I didnt take pictures of unfortunately. School finally started for Christopher on August 31st and he has really enjoyed the first week, his teacher is really awesome. So anyway here are some photos to share. Also would like to thank friends and family for all of your thoughts and prayers through this time.

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