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I am now a 36 year old widow. Not sure how much things can change or how much they can change but let me tell you it can happen in the blink of an eye. The rug has been pulled from under me and I am struggling to pick myself and my kids up. I feel like sometimes, we have to be ready for when our plans and God's plans change what we think is going to happen. I am hopeful that our family's future includes Mark, my beloved husband, as much as we can.


Chris is 12! Brooklyn is 7! Preston is 6! and Kyler is 2!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Giving the "blogging thing" a go

So I am going to give this a shot so family and friends can keep up with our family and see pics since I have been having a hard time remember who I have sent pictures too and updates to. Anyway, Preston is 4 months old today if you can believe it! It seems like we just had him. He is a happy, healthy and vibrant little person. He hardly ever cries only when he is starving. He smiles and laughs at us all. Lately he has been doing sit-ups and trying to sit up on his own. We have been working on his tummy time and he does good for about 7 minutes. He is starting to lift up his bum like he is getting in the crawler mode but I still think he is a ways off from that yet.

Brooklyn is almost two (10 more days). She is so tall and smart. She talks alot and loves to tend to Preston. I call her "little mama". She also usually has a doll in tote with her. At least one. She loves pockets lately too, anything with a pocket is on her list. She picks her daddy's pockets every day after work and puts his change in her piggy bank, she is going to be rich one of these days. She is also going through the terrible 2's. Only in the sense that if she has a meltdown it is major lol.

Christopher is now 6. He is vibrant, caring, and a little joker. He is doing really well in school. His teacher Mrs. Hamson said he is the top boy so far in Kindergarten. His reading is at an A level, all of his other testing shows him well above average for his age and we are really proud of him. He also loves taking care of his baby brother but likes to pick on sister a little more than she or I would like.

Mark and I are looking at making a big change soon. He is looking into going to work in Wyoming with Randy. If we do that he will be giving up his business and we will move up there. I will also go back into full time mommy mode and will stay home with the kids. I think we are all ready for a change and I hope that this one is for the better.

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